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Q. How long until results will manifest?

A. Each person and situation is unique and so it is not possible to know how long it will take to work. Also, the outcome of spell work is not guaranteed nor promised, however we do our best and have happy clients all over the world. For many situations, it seems to be anywhere from a few days to twelve weeks for developments, stubborn cases may be longer. Outcome is not guaranteed. After twelve weeks, if you feel it would be helpful, you may request a one time complimentary reinforcement of the original casting for it's original focus. 

Q. Do you guarantee your spells or offer refunds? 

A. No legitimate spiritual worker can guarantee the outcome of the spiritual art of casting magick. We do our very best and have helped people all over the world, but the outcome/results of your spell is not guaranteed nor promised. NO REFUNDS are offered as our time, energy, implements, etc are expended to work with you and that cannot be recovered. Services on this website should be considered for entertainment only and like all religious beliefs not experimentally proven. The services on this website are never a substitute for professional, medical, legal, psychiatric advice/care. By making a purchase  with us, you agree to and accept this disclaimer. 

Q. Which spell would work best for my situation?

A. It is best for you to be guided by your intuition through your first choice of the category of spells most related for your situation.

Q. What will be shipped to me for the spell?

A. We are a service based company through which spiritual service will be conducted on your behalf.  You will not be sent any item in the mail/shipped, unless otherwise specifically indicated in the listing

Q. What is your business schedule?

A. Typically we are unavailable to do spell work or email response on the Weekends (Fri, Sat and Sun) and Holidays. All emails are always answered as quickly as possible, usually within 2-5 business days. If you do not receive a response in that time frame, that means it got lost, we did not receive it and you should resend it.

Q. What about minors?

A. We will not cast for or on minors. The only exception is if a client wants the spell to focus on protection, happiness, blessings, etc for their own child(ren).

Q. Is there anything else I can do to help my spell work along?

A. In addition to any instructions provided to you, try not to stress out over the situation, allow the magick to work on the situation in it's own way and seize opportunities that will appear with you being proactive and can help you reach your desire. Also, try to stay busy and don't think about it all the time, which can slow progress. In addition, don't talk about your magick to others which may make it vulnerable to other's negativity.

Q. I had another spell from a different witch already cast for my situation, will getting one of yours conflict with it?

A. Any of our spells will supplement, enhance and make stronger and other spell work you had done in the past.

Q. Should I purchase two of your spells for the same situation?

A. You may decide to compliment one work with another.

Q. After I purchase a service, when will it be done?

A. All services are done according to our available schedule. Depending on when we receive your payment and details it may be completed the same night or within a few to several days. The exception is for advance purchases of specific sacred days for ritual.

Q. Can I have free reinforcement done?

A. Yes, if you feel it would be helpful, after twelve weeks has passed from when the original service was done, please contact us and we will conduct one complimentary reinforcement of the original spell's energies for your original special focus requests. Due to time, supply and energy spent, NO REFUNDS regardless of outcome of the magick.

Q. Can you call me on the phone or can I call you?

 A. No, All interaction is done via email

Q. What types of payment do you accept?

A. We only accept Paypal All payments must be in U.S. currency.


Legal Disclaimer: By making any purchase with us confirms that you have read, understand, and agree to the following terms: All spells and spiritual services offered on this website, by Enchanted Magnolia, the owners, and associates are strictly for entertainment purposes only and you understand that we do not guarantee nor promise their effectiveness, outcome, success rate, or accuracy. We are not responsible for and are free of all liability for anything that happens or does not happen. You understand fully that we are not liable for misuse of service/products and we do not guarantee any spell or spiritual service to work magickally, as desired, or as focused. All of the services we offer are strictly for entertainment purposes only. All sales are final. No money back refunds are given for any reason. By purchasing our spells/spiritual services, you do so at your own risk and you release the owners as well as all/any associates of enchanted magnolia from all and any liability and are not responsible. By making a purchase, you understand and agree to our no money back no refunds policy, regardless of the outcome of spells and other spiritual services. We do not guarantee the effectiveness or outcome of spiritual services/spells, by making a purchase with us, that signifies you understand what we offer is for entertainment only. We are not liable for misuse, allergic reactions, or any injury related to our services or products. Any resemblance to the company, services or others alive or dead is entirely coincidental. You must be 18 or older to make a purchase. Our services are not a substitute for professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice or care. Spells are at buyers interpretation. You are responsible for your own actions. We are not responsible for your actions nor the actions of others. By bidding/buying enchanted magnolia items/spiritual services and completing the transaction with us, this constitutes your acceptance of these terms and totally frees enchanted*magnolia, www.enchantedmagnolia.com, the owner(s) and associates of any and all liability for any/all reasons. If you do not agree to the terms above and do not accept or understand that what you are purchasing is for entertainment purposes only with no expressed or implied guarantee of effectiveness or outcome, then do not proceed with us, do not make a purchase with us. In addition, this disclaimer in all of it's parts applies to any and all written or other communication Enchanted Magnolia/Owners/Associates has with anyone regarding the spells/spiritual services on this website or from enchanted magnolia.

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