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Client Endorsements

Client Endorsements

Just a few of the testimonials we have received from clients, just like you!!

It’s amazing how someone you have never met in person, and never even spoken to on the phone can make such a significant impact on your life. Holly has been helping me for about 20 years or so. Every time I have a problem or something I want/need to change I turn to her. Whatever I have asked of her has manifested eventually. Sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it takes a month or longer, but as time passes it evolves as it’s meant to. She is phenomenal and there are no words to express how much I appreciate her and how grateful I am that she came into my life all those years ago.

Regarding 3 day Lowcountry Magick: You just won't believe what happened. I don't know if I believe it lol. We walked along this river and well I proposed. She said she enjoyed the time we spent together and she loved me but Brian couldn't be let down - GOTCHA!! SHE SAID YES, HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I flew her to Vegas before she could change her mind and we got married on the 3rd.

Testimony for Dark Diabolical Mass Breakup Spell

This ritual worked so first because both parties were broken up within 2 and half weeks. That is very fast and they remain broken up. She is not living with him anymore. Others need to know about this testimony because this works and it may help someone out. I actually thought that these 2 would never come to an end

Let me first state that to begin with am a beautiful woman but even there is always room for improvement no matter what ones looks like since no one is perfect.
I have noticed my skin is glowing, I wear makeup less often, and when I do sometimes, I just do my eyebrows and apply a lip stain  which makes me look spectacular. Before I had to have powder makeup on my face and when I didn't, I would feel slightly insecure. Talk about confidence. Every little tweak that I do to help along my beauty yields great results. For those who would like to try this spell (Egyptian Glamour), try it by all means, stay positive and pick up on the positive changes and last but not least which is the most important give thanks to the goddess and HELP YOUR SPELL ALONG BY DOING THINGS LIKE TAKING CARE OF YOUR SKIN, GETTING THAT HAIR CUT THAT YOU CRAVE AND PUT THAT LOTION ON YOUR CELLULITE. This time that cellulite cream will work. Just don't leave all the work to the spell. You have to do your part if you are going to see significant results

Out of all the casters I've contacted, not only you talk the talk, you also walk the walk and I appreciate it very much. Thank you!

Simply Amazing at what she does ~ The real deal! ~ Makes us all feel like valued customers

She's always at your service, no matter the issue

Fast results and energy felt right away! A plus for anyone seeking immediate relief!

Very Powerful Magik Amazing Kind Seller Very Helpful Will Use Again!!!!

Thank you Holly!! I used your money chant and won $100 scratch it! That's no coincidence!

OMG! I was up late and heard someone at the back door, trying to get in!!  I was too scared to look, but I prayed to my spirit familiar to scare the prowler off! I can't believe it worked, I feel so safe and protected!

Very Powerful Magik Amazing Kind Seller Very Helpful Will Use Again!!!!

My dad had new full time job by Xmas after unem. for 8+ mths! Valuable item!

Her energy was felt right away!!! This is a 5 star Seller!!!

Seeing results already, got called twice in 24hrs. WOW!! is all I can say THANKS

Don't waste your time with anybody else!

Excellent communiacation! Highly Recommend!! Holly is the best!!!
Follow up ~ Against all odds, this worked, defying all the laws of physics! Amazing

This little wanga has already granted me some wishes. Thank you. I love him :-)

Results evident 3 weeks after cast! More will certainly come! Highly recommend!

Absolutely extraordinary, always...Powerful results! :-) Thank you 4 everything!

Saw a change within a week; he stopped chasing after others!

Repeat buy! Saw results quick before; using now on someone else. Effective!!!

Already working!Finally someone that knows what to do!

Truly Tries Very Hard and Cares A Great Deal!!! Highest Recommendation!!!

excellent as always/repeat cust.from 2007/spells work/thanks in advance

Holly is a gifted beautiful rare soul! she is honest!

Outstanding AGAIN! Holly is Unbelieveably kind and works very hard. RARE find!!

Being a light worker and healer myself, I know energy is everywhere. That is all that there is. Holly cast a return to love spell on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday night with a boyfriend I regret leaving and want to return. I work one street from his home, one block from his gym, and frequent all the same restaurants and stores 5 days a week. I literally had not run into him in 6 months (despite my best efforts!). The Tuesday after the spells were cast, I ran into him at Starbucks and we talked for 40 minutes. He would not see me, would not return my texts. Unbelievable. She gave me a gift. I already ordered more. Highly recommended.

WOW! Only 5 days after casting and I am seeing amazing results! TY so much!

AH! is working now!!! i see results!!!!OMG!!!! you are the real deal!!!

Again i see the results again!!!!


Not just caring, but,Wow!, it worked beautifully!-planning to return!

Her gift never ceases to amaze me!

I am here to tell EVERYONE these spells work!! I am at a loss for words..AMAZING

Cant believe it, it actually worked, thank you so much, took time, but worked!

He let me know he was here as he popped his top twice! He's already been helping!

Phone spell worked in 5 days!

I just want you to know what a magnificent spell caster you are!  You are so quick with the communication, so clear, so organized; you are a fresh breath of air!  Thank you for the work you have performed for me.  You have found a repeat customer in me.  You are amazing!


The Monday after my spells for success in work were cast, we had record enrollment in over a decade at the school I run. For example, it is typical to enroll 4 students in 6 months. I enrolled four this week. It was so easy. I met with them. We connected and like magic, they enrolled with no resistance whatsoever. I can hardly believe it because it is such a change. I laugh to myself when I joke with my staff, " wow, someone must have put a spell on us or something." It's so fun to see the changes and I am the only one who knows the energy was charged. Holly is the best. I don't know how she does it but it doesn't matter. She knows what she is doing. I am grateful for her service.


Legal Disclaimer: By making any purchase with us confirms that you have read, understand, and agree to the following terms: All spells and spiritual services offered on this website, by Enchanted Magnolia, the owners, and associates are strictly for entertainment purposes only and you understand that we do not guarantee nor promise their effectiveness, outcome, success rate, or accuracy. You understand fully that we are not liable for misuse of service/products and we do not guarantee any spell or spiritual service to work magically, as desired, or as focused. All of the services we offer are strictly for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for and are free of all liability for anything that happens or does not happen. All sales are final. No money back refunds are given for any reason. By purchasing our spells/spiritual services, you do so at your own risk and you release the owners as well as all/any associates of enchanted magnolia from all and any liability and are not responsible. By making a purchase, you understand and agree to our no money back no refunds policy, regardless of the outcome of spells and other spiritual services. We do not guarantee the effectiveness or outcome of spiritual services/spells, by making a purchase with us, that signifies you understand what we offer is a service for entertainment only. We are not liable for misuse, allergic reactions, or any injury related to our services or products. Any resemblance to the company, services or others alive or dead is entirely coincidental. You must be 18 or older to make a purchase. Our services are not a substitute for professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice or care. Spells are at buyers interpretation. You are responsible for your own actions. We are not responsible for your actions nor the actions of others. By bidding/buying enchanted magnolia items/spiritual services and completing the transaction with us, this constitutes your acceptance of these terms and totally frees enchanted*magnolia, www.enchantedmagnolia.com, the owner(s) and associates of any and all liability for any/all reasons. If you do not agree to the terms above and do not accept or understand that what you are purchasing is for entertainment purposes only with no expressed or implied guarantee of effectiveness or outcome, then do not proceed with us, do not make a purchase with us. In addition, this disclaimer in all of it's parts applies to any and all written or other communication Enchanted Magnolia/Owners/Associates has with anyone regarding the spells/spiritual services on this website or from enchanted magnolia.

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