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5 points to remember on the importance after magick is cast, to release the energies


Hello my Magickal Friends! 

Releasing a spell after it has been cast is an important step in the manifestation process. 

Here are a few reasons why it is important to let go and not worry about the spell after it has been conducted:

1. Trust in the Universe: Releasing the spell shows trust in the universe and its ability to manifest your intention. By letting go, you are allowing the universe to work its magick and bring your desires to fruition in its own time and way. 

2. Avoiding Doubt and Resistance: Constantly worrying or obsessing over the spell can create doubt and resistance, which can hinder the manifestation process. Doubt and resistance can block the flow of energy and prevent the spell from working effectively. By releasing the spell, you are letting go of doubt and allowing the energy to flow freely.

3. Maintaining a Positive Mindset: Focusing on the spell and worrying about its outcome can create a negative mindset. It can lead to anxiety, impatience, and frustration, which can counteract the positive energy put into the spell. By releasing the spell, you can maintain a positive mindset and trust that the energies are working in your favor. 

4. Allowing Space for Divine Timing: Sometimes, the universe has a different timeline or a better plan for us than we initially envision. By releasing the spell, you are allowing space for divine timing and trusting that the universe knows what is best for you. It may take time for the spell to manifest, and by letting go, you are open to receiving the outcome in the most perfect way. 

5. Detaching from the Outcome: Releasing the spell helps you detach from the outcome and surrender to the flow of life. It allows you to focus on the present moment and trust that everything is unfolding as it should. Detaching from the outcome also frees you from attachment and disappointment if the spell does not manifest exactly as you envisioned. 

Remember, releasing a spell does not mean forgetting about it entirely. It means letting go of attachment, worry, and doubt, and trusting that the energy you put into the spell will work in alignment with the universe. Have faith in the process, stay open to receiving, and allow the magick to unfold your blessings!

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